Logic Diagram Of Half Subtractor

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Logic Diagram Of Half Subtractor - The half subtractor is a combinational circuit which is used to perform subtraction of two bits. It has two inputs, the minuend and subtrahend and two outputs the difference and borrow out .The borrow out signal is set when the subtractor needs to borrow from the next digit in a multi-digit subtraction.. Half Subtractor:Half Subtractor is used for subtracting one single bit binary digit from another single bit binary digit.The truth table of Half Subtractor is shown below.. If we compare the Boolean expressions of the half subtractor with a half adder, we can see that the two expressions for the SUM (adder) and DIFFERENCE (subtractor) are exactly the same and so they should be because of the Exclusive-OR gate function. The two Boolean expressions for the binary subtractor BORROW is also very similar to that for the adders CARRY..

The half adder adds two single binary digits A and B.It has two outputs, sum (S) and carry (C).The carry signal represents an overflow into the next digit of a multi-digit addition. The value of the sum is 2C + S.The simplest half-adder design, pictured on the right, incorporates an XOR gate for S and an AND gate for C.The Boolean logic for the sum (in this case S) will be A′B + AB. Multiplexer. Multiplexing is the property of combining one or more signals and transmitting on a single channel .This is achieved by the device multiplexer.. Combinational Logic Circuits are made up from basic logic NAND, NOR or NOT gates that are “combined” or connected together to produce more complicated switching circuits. These logic gates are the building blocks of combinational logic circuits. An example of a combinational circuit is a decoder, which converts the binary code data present at its input into a number of different output.

SYLLABUS B.Sc.-I (ELECTRONICS) PAPER- II Fundamentals of Analog and Digital System Max. Marks-50 Unit - 1 Basic Operational Amplifier: Concept of differential amplifiers, block diagram of an operational amplifier(IC741),. A 2–to–1 multiplexer is a combinational circuit that uses one control switch (S) to connect one of two input data lines (D1 or D0) to a single output (F). Only one of the input data lines can be aligned to the output of the multiplexer at any given time. It’s like sharing ice–cream on a date with one spoon.. One Data Latch can only store one bit of information: a 0 or a 1. The value of the input (D) is reflected in the output (Q) when the clock (Clk) is asserted. In other words, when the clock signal is unasserted the output is locked and cannot be changed; however, when the clock signal is HIGH then the output follows the input. This is an alternate design of the Data Latch..

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